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How you can donate and help OUR Church

We are one of 340 new-start congregations of the ELCA in the US. We hope to engage people where they are comfortable, rather than in the sometimes stifling environment of a church-building. Instead, we meet in a cafe/bar -- a familiar space -- to come together and pray for our community, play music and worship. 

Currently, we receive financial grants from the synod, but we hope to soon become financially solvent. Below are several ways you can give to our congregation, including a few non-monetary paths. 

ways you can donate:



We always accept and appreciate any amount by check or cash in our donation basket during church on Sundays at 5PM, or in Luther's Table during business hours.


You can also visit our online portal to set up a one time or recurring donation.


If you cannot afford a monetary donation, we also appreciate gifts of music, volunteering and hospitality. Talk to Pastor Paul about more ways you can contribute to our community.

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