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About us

Our Pastor

Pastor Paul Kacynski was trained for ministry in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary in Berkeley, California where he earned a Master of Divinity degree from his seminary as well as a Master of Arts degree in theology from the Graduate Theological Union.  His thesis topic was God and human suffering.  Paul’s ministry and travels have led him to live abroad in both Israel/Palestine and Slovakia for a year each.  Currently, he has been called to Renton, Washington to be the pastor to the mission congregation Roots of the Table.


Pastor Paul has a heart for authentic community.  He loves seeing people come together from all walks of life to have meaningful discussions and to support and encourage one another.  It is in our gatherings - both inside and outside our Sunday worship service - that God resides and moves us to love.  Roots of the Table is a place you can call home!

Paul Kacynski

Mission Developer

Our Community

The community called Roots of the Table is a intimate group of worshipers who meet at Luther’s Table a restaurant/coffeehouse/bar/music venue located in downtown Renton at 419 S 2nd St, Renton, WA 98057.


Many members have been active attenders at a Thursday night open mic held at LT, others volunteer as servers or bartenders and still others are LT supporters who come just to enjoy the music that is part of the fabric of Luther’s Table.  All of the Roots Community is committed the idea that is the motto of Luther’s Table: We’re all in this together. 


A typical Sunday evening at Roots is a laid back environment with folks sitting at cafe tables or booths. Low lighting and candles provide an inviting space for conversation, music and prayer.  Our Pastor, Paul Kacynski, presides over service which is a time for singing, sharing, reading the Bible, praying for others and ourselves and sharing “the meal” or communion.


There is more to Roots than just Sunday evening mic at LT and elsewhere around Renton, impromptu bowling and beer outings, karaoke, sudden outbreaks of Gospel singing, making sandwiches for homeless families, heartfelt storytelling, potlucks, shopping trips for hungry high school students and coffee dates.  There is room for everyone at the Roots table.


We are a socially aware community committed to unity, inclusion and reconciliation. If you are a person who has been to church or never been to church, we welcome you. Don’t stand on the sideline join us at the center.


Millennial Translation:


Yo! Roots is a chill place for woke peeps who want to practice savage love. At Roots we keep it 100.  We are a legit group that feeds the hungry and helps the poor #squadgoals #blessed. All the while, we remember that Jesus is the GOAT. Amirite?


We pray together and work together, but we still do dope stuff like hanging out. We are obsessed with trying to be Christ in the world. Sometimes in today’s world it’s V/V hard...the struggle is real.


I feel like you would like it here. There is no need for you to have FOMO. We literally want you!  What’s your answer? Y/Y? 


Click here to see our meeting minutes

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